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Best YEG Private Fitness Studio/Gym Nominee TNP Fitness
Best YEG Personal Trainer Nominees Jordan Jeske & Shane Kokas
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Love Letter to Shane

There is a basic rule of thumb for when Shane and I experience “firsts” together: It’s going to be a disaster. Take, for example, the very first time we met....
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Bree’s Road to Berlin – Part 6: Metaphysical Gut Punch

Kaylor is like a ninja. He does a sneak-attack thing where he asks you a simple question, and before you know it you’re deliberating the big, scary, life questions I...
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Bree’s Road to Berlin – Part 5: Bree’s Super Structured Running Playlists

People watching is my favourite pass time. I just love to look at people. Once I was caught staring so long at the person behind me at a red light...
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Jim Jackson's


“I have had the privilege of being trained by Ms. Steph Koschade of TNP Fitness since January of this year.  I am  extremely pleased with my progress to date.  So much that I will be continuing to work with Steph going forward. Since I have had Steph as my personal trainer I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall physical appearance, my stamina and my workout technique.  Her knowledge of physical fitness and health has helped me gain insight and improvement overall and has inspired me to continue her recommended workouts at home as well as I have set up a gym in my spare room. Steph has designed a concise series of exercises that are consistent with my goals and yet vary enough to be stimulating and not at all boring. At almost 60 years of age, I very much doubt if I could have achieved my current improvements and general return to physical workouts without the dedicated knowledge and motivation from a professional such as Steph.  I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking improvement and you would be fortunate to have Steph as your guide.”

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